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Dear Phoenix District 5 Community Leaders,

           Thank you so much for organizing the community to make a difference every day.  It takes a special person to carry the responsibility you have taken upon yourself in the effort to help those around you.  I want to help you in that effort to solve the problems we face in our community.

I am very excited to let you know that I am running for District 5 City of Phoenix Councilmember in 2020.  My passion for problem-solving combined with people’s desire to elect leaders who have good judgement and are willing to make decisions that are data driven and just have motivated me to run for political office.

The City of Phoenix is the 5th most populous city in the U.S.  And like any major urban center, big city problems affect the Valley of the Sun.  From tackling an ever-increasing homeless population to crime within our communities, there’s no lack of opportunity to make a difference as a member of the City Council.  In fact, there are so many problems to be solved, that the job as a city council member is more than full-time. With that said, although there’s no conflict with one serving as a city council member while holding an additional full or part-time job, as a problem solver by experience, I understand the amount of dedication and energy it takes to solve problems structurally.  Serving on the city council while holding another job is not an option for me. The business of the residents of phoenix is far too important and plentiful for me not to commit to the council full-time.  Leaders, I want to be that councilmember that you can say helped you make a difference for the residents of Phoenix.

           During my term(s) as a council member I would like to be a difference maker in a few areas. The most important issue to me is the safety of our communities.  I will schedule at minimum bi-monthly meetings with each of district 5’s subdivisions where we will review and work on problem statements articulated by each subdivision’s established working group(s).  Together, we will discuss each problem statement, revise it as necessary, and determine next steps to implement appropriate change.  My second focus is to maintain and improve the quality of our communities.  A quality community is one whose infrastructure is well maintained and is such that promotes a healthy lifestyle, i.e. supporting and promoting parks and roads that better quality of life.

           I would like to meet with you personally soon to share with you more about my vision for representing the residents of district 5.

          Thanks for your time and please consider supporting our campaign financially and/or volunteering.  Please visit our campaign website at


                                 Your Future District 5 Representative

                                            Andre Williams


Friday, August 9, 2019 2:00 PM

Phoenix votes on transit and budget, Props 105 and 106

Two citizen initiatives, prop 105 and 106, will be voted on August 27th by Phoenix residents.  Prop 105 deals with the future state of the Phoenix light rail and its expansion, while prop 106 deals with the city's pension. 

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